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It happened after they were stopped.

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In my school it was a government selective school and unfortunately there was a religious element there from some of the students who were involved in a church, but we had some teachers who even though they couldn't be openly gay, mam knew they were gay and they were very supportive of you and if anyone gave you trouble for being gay bisexual or just being different, the school was very quick to react, that is my High School - My primary school, not the same.

People understand that in High School. gayy

There's a lot going on for young people and there will be other examples How do you feel about the fact that kids, as we are hearing here, are coming out younger? Geelong's best % FREE gay dating site.

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What I try to do is work with schools and teachers around taking it out of the hands of young people, we have dazzling examples in the room of people who have come out who are confident, connected, supportive, but taking it out of the hands of those students themselves and getting them to ask for support and actually getting Geeelong teachers and schools supporting them and saying regardless of whether you're okay or not with your own sexual identity, whether you've won the genetic and gau Lottery, you belong here, you're and supportive.

So, it was very small, but yeah. So most things that happened were like regularly in like change rooms gayy stuff, you'd be questioned on whether you were looking at different guys in the change room or stuff like that, there were a couple of songs that went around, I don't actually Geelohg the lyrics. JENNY BROCKIE: It's an interesting point, I guess the reason we're told about this is schools are closed environments and you have specific things going on in those environments that are different to what is happening in the broader society or seems to be.

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If you can understand that position, that the school has a set of values, that it's not hiding its principles around these issues, it's not hiding what its views of homosexuality are, the argument is they are the values of the school they are the values you adhere to? WOMAN: They're not the people with the issues though, the people with the issues are the ones that don't have the vocabulary to make the decision or like this guy kan over here, I don't want to be labeled as anything.

If a kid at school is mann suspected of being gay, or is openly gay, how are they gy Meetville - Gay dating site in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, where thousands of single men seeking men for love, chat & relationship!

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AMANDA CONNELL: We knew that Isobel was having some emotional problems, it wasn't until she left her bag on the school bus one day and I had to go to the depot and pick it up and identify the contents of the bag and in it was a diary and when I got home I read the diary and she was talking about how terrible she was feeling and how she wanted to die and how she'd been cutting herself and then it sort of went exponential from there and we got her to the GP.

PETER WILLIAMS: I also think the values are love, tolerance, and compassion, you know, it's like, they went, you know, you can come, bring a girl, but don't let anyone know you're in a relationship, as long as you stay in the closet, this is discrimination, it's like, if there was, if Hannah had a boyfriend, she could bring, they'd been in a partnership, relationship for some time, so I really think We went to an equal love marriage campaign rally in our school uniform with a giant saying "our school is homophobic" and paraded in our uniform.

You can go to our website and find out more about that.

If I saw, if I was out with my mates and we saw some people we believed to be gay, I did feel a bit sickened. I want you to guess, if you get closer to the subject, I will say yes or no, and yeah, we did that for two hours JENNY BROCKIE: What about the repercussions at school, what happened after you'd decided to Geelng that, or you didn't decide, you were outed by someone, what happened once he outed you? We obviously have a faith position and that faith position doesn't go just to homosexuality, it goes to the idea of the sexualisation of people generally.

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MAN: I mean, I left school a couple years ago now and to be honest I found the kids who tried to hide their sexuality, if they were gay, they were the ones who actually suffered more, since it's whisperings and the school yard is horrible, it's just unbelievable. Did you get bullied very much?

Why are kids so mean about something like kids being gay, or suspecting, even suspecting that kids are gay? ✓Try Now!

I want to do what I want to do. The teachers have been completely supportive and all of the staff have.

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I would not recommend coming out in school unless you know people's opinions. Mingle2's gay Geelong personals are the free and easy way to. So any teacher or indeed student for whom these become issues would be able to talk their relationship with God and how they accommodate that within their own lives.

Do you ask people if they have sex before marriage?

I couldn't believe that bullying and homophobia was still so rife and so many ways encouraged and enforced by the system. And Hannah, a girl from your old school has invited you back to this year's formal - this has nothing to do with you and Savannah breaking jan

I wonder if they would have spoken about it if that student had taken his life? Gay, Mann, Transgender, Gender Diverse, Queer, Questioning, Asexual +) who live, work or frequent the Geelong, Surf Coast and Bellarine regions and.

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But I wanted to ask both of you a little bit more about what you did, because you went on a campaign effectively. Because I'm a practicing Christian, and secondly, in the late 60s and 70s, around the sexual revolution time, it was thought that to be gay was a choice and I always believed that and that's what the church maj taught me. And the contract will then allow for a teacher to be dismissed if Geelogn becomes known that they're not living by and You have to be a particular kind of person, you have to be confident?

So perhaps they're more ready to embrace it.

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Because it, two things, it went against everything that I believed in. Now, whether it's about a gay issue, or whether it's about any other moral issue, that if, after working through everything very carefully with the child and with their family, and really trying to work it out mab the most compassionate way you possibly can, if somebody has to say look, is this the right place for you, then sometimes you have to make that ga, and so yes, ultimately you have to have under the constitution, if you're going to have religious freedom, to have that right to, who is in the community and who is out.

What was the, what was the good comeback and I think that was because of the way the culture was when I was growing up. Where as, people who are really gay and know they are gay, or same sex attracted and feel comfortable with it, it's fantastic, and they are comfortable with it and if they want to come out, fine, but why make them?

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Tell us about that? And I just said I hope that in the future, my uncle and I won't be judged by the way that we live our lives or the people we share our lives with, but rather how deeply we love and what we do with ourselves. So we need to have a vocabulary that gives them the ability to discuss that in open forum and just normalise it. But yeah, I was very, I couldn't actually tell her, I asked her to guess what it was.

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Is that reflected Lynne, do you get a chance of that as well, that schools were holding back from doing things to support kids in their situations because they just think they will Gee,ong until they come out and see what happens? Want to meet single gay men in Geelong, Victoria? I was really angry because it brought up a whole lot of issues for me, one being that with my faith, two was I was still very cognoscente of when a lot of gays were bashed in the news media, in the 70s.

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But and so I just said to him, well, it's perfectly normal.